The personal chemistry between the the trio started decreasing.Thus, it was Elkana & Omer who focused more and more on music, while the other producer started having other priorities.Shortly after, they mutually agreed on ending their collaboration as a trio and decided that Elkana & Omer would continue with the Karmatek label.As E.K.O they signed in 2013 2 EP's.The first called "Shoot, Dont Talk" and second called "Dropping Beats", and an official remix for "Alex Armes" and 1 collaboration with the israeli singer Maya Maman.Both EP's, remix and collab with Maya were signed in the dallas texas based label called "Audiophile Live".In november 2013 they signed a collaboration with John Dish called 'Pannda' on the well known label Cr2 Records that gain support from David Guetta, Hardwell, Nari & Milani, MYNC, HIIO and many more.In 2014 as Karmatek, the dou signed an official remix for TV Rock & Walden - 'See Me Run' in the well known Australien label Neon Records and an original track with the american dj & producer Ale Mora called 'Rollin' on Mixmash Records (OTW).Karmatek's main goal is creating a unique progressive sounds covered by emotional melodys and Big-Room drops that makes the crowd want to throw their hand in the air.