Marc Maya

Sometimes, it's completely unnecessary to fill with extra talk an artist biography. And this is Marc Maya’s case. Stepping to the front line in the late 90’s with his alias Marc Huardi and his very well known Breakstorm Parties, the techno and drum & bass rhythms where the first to witness his raid on Barcelona’s scene from which Narkotic Dlux-his project with Mario Biani- soon would emanate. This bond leads directly to settle Marc as resident in the popular Florida 135 every weekend, and becoming as well one of the main actors in the international festival Monegros Desert Festival. It’s in 2008 when Marc joins with Juan Arnau, one of the best promoters in Spain -and founder of Monegros, Florida 135 and KER Club-, to carry out a new project: the opening of Row 14, certainly one of the best and most charming clubs in the city. And like this, with a weekly crowd of 4000 clubbers attending every show is how El Row Sundays is born. In other words, Marc’s new home. Like every top Dj, Maya enjoys his residency in the island of Ibiza. Every Saturday, he is in charge, along with his ElRow colleagues, to make the crowd dance in the club which has won the title of the best club in the world in the last 4 years as Space Ibiza. Always attracted to the grooviest rhythms, Marc makes it quite difficult while classifying his style in a particular genre. Dynamic and versatile through out his sets, this is the key to his world wide success. Not to forget his continued national awards nominations to VMA granted by Vicious Magazine in the last 2 years. His entrepreneurial charisma and toughness in the studio have also a lot to do with Marc’s career next to the big names of the scene, getting to collaborate with labels as Stick Records, Great Stuff, 1605, Upfront Records, Elrow Music or Florida Music among others.