Karretero was born in Madrid in October 1982. He began his passion for music very young, because he was a student in Madrid’s school of music, learning to play the piano since he was 8 until his 13. His career in electronic music begins in the late 90's where he begins to show great interest in this. In the year 2000 he is recruited by MushRoom Records with which he toured many important in the Madrid scene under the name of Dj Karretero (Arena, Van vas, Soma, Underground). He has also collaborated with numerous collectives (notably the park and technoworks). In 2005 he became dj of the WSF group and resident of the session Danzoo in Macumba in Madrid from here is when under the name of Ralph Montana begins to act in all the Spanish geography especially in the area of Andalucia. Throughout his career he has shared a scenario with almost all the greats of the electronic music world, both national and international. In 2009 enter to become part of Magnum bookings. Currently a resident of Reverse Madrid and Up Club, he focuses on music production and this is his top priority.