Precociousness in techno has its best and latest representative in Marc Marzenit. Despite his young age, Marc Marzenit has been a prominent part of the scene for over a decade; his international breakthrough came in 2006 with the anthem “Trozitos de Navidad” on his own imprint Paradigma Musik. He quickly proved that he was here to stay with the release of devastating follow-up “Spheere”. In addition to these impeccable club credentials Marc ?s talent has a personal, almost unprecedented aspect that sets him apart from many other talented artists -taking electronic music beyond the dance floor with projects such as his “Suite on Clouds”, a 3D mapping show with 8 violinists, 1 harp, symphonic percussion, several synths and a grand piano. These projects draw on his classical background and show his integrated vision of electronic music: combining acoustic, analogue and digital instruments together in the same show. Now, after many years touring the world - London, Australia, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Canada & Asia just to name a few - Marc finally releases his debut album “To Love Until We Say Goodbye”. This conceptual album has a very personal story with an epic and progressive techno sound, combining fascinating dance floor tracks and intimate audio recordings of his personal life. Marc’s forward facing approach to life & music are evident in this album - he’s here to provide and project complex feelings into the electronic music scene - and there’s no looking back.